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Creating Custom Themes

July 21, 2008

There is a great article on creating your own themes for Sharepoint here:
Redecorate with MOSS

It goes over how to create a theme that’s selectable by users, intead of just a CSS override like I’ve mentioned before. This makes it a lot easier for end-users to use. However, from a design and administration standpoint, I definitely prefer the custom CSS override method.

Also, as a general CSS reference, Heather Soloman’s CSS Reference Chart is invaluable as far as what classes control what elements on the page. It has screenshots and class names to make things a little easier and more bearable.

However, there are some classes she missed.
These are specific to column headers in tables (like what she has under .ms-vb)

  • Classes: .ms-vh2, .ms-vh2-nograd
    These control the table header background color more specifically and universally.

Be careful though; these classes could affect more than just the table headers. Make sure you test thoroughly before you go live.

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