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Modifying RadEditor in Sharepoint: Removing Toolbar Buttons

May 25, 2010

My first task in modifying the RadEditor under Sharepoint is removing certain toolbar buttons to prevent users from creating content that is not in accordance with our website’s style guidelines. Namely, removing the underline tool. This is easy. All you have to do is open your ToolsFile.xml file (located in \RadEditorSharePoint\[version string]\Resources\) and comment out the tools you don’t want to show up. The XML file is pretty self-explanatory; each tool has a tag like the one below with its name and maybe a keyboard shortcut. To hide a tool, comment out only that self-closing <tool /> tag. For example, to hide the underline tool, just find

<tool name="Underline" />

And change it to

<!--<tool name="Underline" />-->

By commenting the tools out instead of deleting them completely, if you ever change your mind and want a tool back, you can simply uncomment it and have it available again.

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